Chad Bradford – 2009 Upper Deck

March 4, 2011

‘Knuckle-Dragging’ Is A Complement To Him

Yes, I have a fascination with submariners. They’re odd ducks, like me.

Bradford was an effective odd duck. Me, well, I’d like to think so.

Chad (born Chadwick – and he was born in Mississippi – doesn’t Chadwick Lee Bradford scream “old south” to you? Can you picture him in a seer-sucker suit sipping lemonade on a hammock ‘neath a magnolia?) was probably the most extreme example of a submarine pitcher in recent memory. As you can see above,  he got really down and dirty when he slung the ball towards the plate.

Late in his career, he was a ROOGY, but he was what he was and he was a good to great pitcher when his delivery and mechanics were working and he kept the ball down.

What I dig is that baseball, whilst normally a conforming bunch, allow someone like Bradford to keep his real light shining, and do his own thing.

Yes, that song just appeared on my iPod whilst I was typing this and I felt the need to insert it, so I had to wiggle and wrangle to get it in there.

At least it wasn’t something like Hair Of The Dog. I’d have a hard time explaining that one away!


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