Keith Foulke – 2007 Upper Deck

March 3, 2011

Here’s How You Grip A Two-Seamer

Or is it a four-seamer? Or a split-finger? Hell, just throw the dang ball.

First, I want to give a get well soon for my internet friend Violet who, as she put it so delicately, has “ass cancer”. Or had, anyway she’s been through radiation and chemo and a bad breakup of a long-time partner and now is living on her own with a cat, a blog and maggots. For her, I picked a post of a player with a Boston uniform, since she has lived there before and we have communicated about a few things Boston in the past. Especially this song:


I’ve been going through some rough times personally, professionally, and with my family. However, I thank my lucky stars that I don’t have ‘ass cancer’, though I wouldn’t wish it on anyone living or dead. And not just because it probably precludes a career in porn (with the current gonzo trends).

(Wait, is that TMI?)

Second, thanks big time to Thorzul. I gave him some Brewers (a mix of premiums, parallels, old school, and junk Brewers since I knew he was a Brewers fan and didn’t see a specific Brewers want list. So he has 17 1987 Topps Jaime Cocanower cards. What’s another one, eh?) and he did a number on some of my want lists that I am updating as we speak. Woot!

Now, onto Mr. Foulke, and the dilemma he posts. Not the fact that I’m not that good with pitch grips, but what to do for my team collecting friends.

Do I send this to my Red Sox friends? My Indians friends? Both? Neither?

My thoughts are always to send it anyway to either one, and if someone doesn’t want it then they can trade it or use it as cheap wallpaper, or blog fodder, or enviro-friendly kitty litter.

Though Indians collectors may not want it. Foulke signed as a free agent but retired in Spring Training. The next year, he came back with the A’s but only pitched 31 innings. But I think Red Sox fans will want this, big time, just for his role during the 2004 season.

Hell, they may have shrines for each player in some basements in New England. I think that’s where Marty from Scituate calls in to WEEI. “Ah, jeez, Papelbahn suuuucks!”


One Response to “Keith Foulke – 2007 Upper Deck”

  1. Violet Says:

    Love! And music! Hey, hey, hey!!!!

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