Bob Sebra – 1988 Topps

March 1, 2011

Ice Station Sebra

I hear the groans from here. But he did play in Montreal. AND it was easy pickings.

Sebra spanned the baseball globe in his career. Five major league teams in six years and then three other teams until he hung ’em up in 1993. Then, in 1998, he showed up in the Atlantic League at Somerset. His first claim to fame was that he was the ‘ransom’ paid to free Pete Incaviglia from the Expos and onto a major league roster.

I saw him pitch in Indianapolis in 1988, and I thought he had the goods. Yes, he was 6-15, 4.42 in 1987 for the Expos but his peripherals were good. Problem was that the Expos had a lot of pitching prospects and he was squeezed out. He was sent to the Phillies at the end of 1988 and didn’t pitch well. He didn’t pitch well for the Phillies and Reds in 1989, and then was traded to the Brewers with Ron Robinson for Glenn “Manster” Braggs and Billy Bates.

It was with the Brewers that his other claim to fame occurred. I wasn’t sure about it but I checked with my friend at the Greatest 21 Days.  (Well, I googled it…)

During the last major league game, he drilled Tracy Jones with a pitch and IT! WAS! ON! The brawl lasted for 28 minutes and nine players or managers were suspended and others fined. And of course, there’s no video of it. Frankly, though, a mid-season 1990 game between Seattle and Milwaukee may not have been televised at all. A shame, too, since the brawl wound up by the bullpen and Milwaukee Manager Tom Trebelhorn was body slammed by a Mariners scrubnee. (I wonder if the Brewers or the M’s have the radio broadcast archived.)

Sebra was suspended five games for his part in the ‘fun’. Well, he started it in a sense by beaning Jones and then meeting him halfway between the mound and home plate. But the kicker is that Sebra was sent down before the sentence was passed down. In fact, it mentioned that Sebra would have to serve the suspension if and when he returned to the AL.

He never did.

So technically, he’s still suspended. But I wonder, if Sebra becomes a coach, or a broadcaster, or an assistant GM (assistant TO the GM), would he have to serve the five games?

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