Lonnie Smith – 1992 Upper Deck

February 28, 2011

Which One Was He, Kid Or Play?

Good question.

Thanks to hats and helmets, you never really get to see the nuances of a baseball players hair unless it’s to the extreme.

Oscar Gamble circa 1975 is one thing – Smith’s do was another.

Lonnie’s hairstyle fit snugly into a hat or helmet, and only reveal it’s wonder when the lid came off.

Skates, of course, was the goat of the 1991 series after being deked by the Twins middle infield during a hit-and-run play.

His fielding was comedic, yet believe it or not he was a plus fielder and had an outstanding defensive season in 1989 to go along with his best offensive season (168 OPS+, 21 home runs). Had the Braves had anyone else that could have played the game, Smith would have had triple digits in runs and RBI.

He hung on as a regular through 1991 and finally ran out of steam in 1994. But he was always a fun player, an underrated player, and could hit for average, run, and get on base. Had not Raines and Henderson been around, he could have been remembered as a great lead-off hitter.

But now, everyone will remember his adventures in left field and that gaffe in the 1991 Series. Oh, and now, that hairdo.

You know, hairstyles do come and go…thank goodness!


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