David Wright – 2009 Upper Deck

February 27, 2011

I’m Conflicted

I’ve always been programmed to dislike the Mets. Of course, since I’m a recovering Cubs fan, it wasn’t so hard after the Mets got good in the mid-80’s.

It was actually easy to hate the Mets. Gooden, Strawberry, Hernandez, Knight, Dykstra, Backman, all of ’em. Something about their attitudes and cockiness and, well, they won more than the Cubs.

And I’ve carried that over since then, even though the Mets have stumbled more than often than not. It’s just a knee jerk reaction. How I’ve laughed when big money free agents signed by the Mets have gone astray.

But what’s there to hate about David Wright? Can you find anything?

I’m not talking about jealous hate. Sure, Keith Hernandez had talent, but it was easy to hate his “I’m Keith Hernandez” attitude. Is it rational? No, of course not. It’s sports fandom. Like that’s rational.

David Wright, though, is a good guy without being a goody-two-shoes. He’s a humanitarian, he works hard, likes pets and animals by all accounts he’s a good teammate and he never wants to come out of the lineup.

So how can I hate him? It’s not his fault he was drafted by the Mets, so I can’t even hate him for signing with them as a free agent.

Face it, I can’t. I’m going to have to resign myself to liking one Mets player.

To be honest, I do still like Santana, and I liked Pedro and since I like knuckleballers I do dig Dickey. I do kind of feel sorry for Ike Davis, being Ron Davis’ son and all.

But Piazza? Nah. Ventura? Hell, naw! Rey Ordonez? Get that slappy away from me.

David Wright, though, is one that I can’t be on the fence about. Maybe he’s got a secret dark side. Perhaps there’s a lair in his suburban Jersey home and he dresses up in women’s clothes and has women in a pit putting lotion on themselves.

It doesn’t seem plausible, but you know, it’s either that or I truly like a Mets player.



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