Carney Lansford – 1992 Upper Deck

February 25, 2011

He Knew When It Was Time To Leave

Carney Ray Lansford (for some reason I always used to hear announcers say that) had a good, long career, and after 1992, at age 35,  he said it was time.

Now he may have received a quiet jolt of reality from the A’s since Craig Paquette was around (and LaRussa seemed to like him). But at age 35, he had an OPS+ of 100, a WAR of 2.5, and was average defensively at third.

He could have played another three or four years, easily. Or at least tried.

But he didn’t. He hung ’em up at 35, on his own terms and in his own way.

That’s so rare in baseball. Most of the time, baseball tells YOU when you’re done.



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