Dave Martinez – 1988 Topps

February 24, 2011

Pretty Boy?

No wonder the bleachers squealed when Martinez played. He was definitely looking like a boy toy in Cubbie blue.

Um, why am I noticing this?

Anyway, Martinez rebounded from a wretched rookie season (4 OPS+…yes…4) to become a pretty solid, steady major league player. Usually, he was best as a fourth outfielder when all was said and done but he wasn’t totally over-matched as a regular, especially in center.

One thing that I am wondering about is how and why Martinez got MVP votes in 1991. He had a nice season for the Expos (111 OPS+, 1.2 WAR) but nothing super-spectacular. But he finished 20th in the MVP voting. He got a 10th place vote for some reason.

It’s a mystery as to why. His counting stats weren’t so hot. Calderon and Walker were much more valuable. The Expos were 71-90. Who voted Martinez for 10th place MVP when he was the third or fourth best position player on a bad team?

Maybe someone’s 13-year old daughter liked the cut of his jib…


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