Terrmel Sledge – 2007 Topps

February 23, 2011

A Member Of The All-Name Team

It’s a shame now has taken his talents to the Yokohoma Bay Stars, since I don’t know if they appreciate what a great name Terrmel Sledge is. I wonder if they even call him “Sister” (too easy) or “Hammer” (again, too easy) or “Brenda’s Iron” (way too obscure).

(See below for Robyn Hitchcock and you’ll get that reference…)

I am quite pleased that Sledge has found a nice career in Japan, since baseball was not too kind for him here in the States.

Terrmel was a ROY candidate in 2004 for the Expos, but that was also his age 27 year.

But it wasn’t his fault he wasn’t up earlier. He was in the Expos chain.

It could have been possible in 2002 and probable in 2003 that Sledge could have been called up, however, the Expos weren’t allowed to add more payroll by calling up minor league players.

He was injured in 2005, then traded twice in the 05-06 off-season. Both were blockbusters – the Soriano deal sent him to Texas and then the Adrian Gonzalez deal sent him to San Diego. Ok, the last is a retrospective blockbuster. Steal, actually – Adrian Gonzalez, Chris Young and Sledge for Adam Eaton (ouch), Akinori Otsuka (good but hurt) and a minor leaguer.

Sledge, for whatever reason, didn’t get much of a chance in San Diego in 2006 (but he still got a card). He was the fourth outfielder in 2007 but didn’t hit much. And then, the Bay Stars called and he answered.

Sledge may not have been a star, and some breaks went against him, but you know, I can forgive all of that.

Because Terrmel Sledge’s don’t come around that often. There’s been a few Jeters, some Rodriguezes, anda couple of Pujolses.** But no other Sledge.

That’s cool.

**NOTE: Jeter – Derek, Johnny, Shawn. Pujols – Albert, Luis. Rodriguez – Way too many.

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