Jeff Suppan – 2010 Topps Update

February 20, 2011

Next Stop, Frisco

Jeff Suppan, the man who would not die. Well, at least his career will not die.

Let’s count his escapes:

1998 – The former Red Sox propsect was deemed expendable.  After being drafted by the Diamondbacks, he went 1-7, 6.68 for the first year NL team, then he was sent to the PCL. The Royals purchased him, and he rebounded.

2002 – He signed a big money contract and went 9-16, 5.32 with Kansas City. Not that it was that horrible (OPS+ of 93) but he wasn’t going to get big money.

2003 – He pitched well for the Pirates, and Boston reacquired him in the Freddy Sanchez deal. It wasn’t such a good deal for Boston, as he struggled. But St. Louis took a chance and put him in the Duncan rehab program from wayward starters.

2010 – He pitched OK for St. Louis from 2004-06. So Milwaukee spent $40 million over four years for him. He was OK in 2007, bad in 2008, awful in 2009, and egregious in 2010. So St. Louis snapped him up, again, to patch their staff. A 3-6 record belied some good work for a 102 ERA+.

So he escaped again. Had he not signed the $40 million deal, he may have been gone in 2009. But the Brewers were loath to cut ties and admit sunk costs until he was batting practice fodder.

Now can he continue his semi-resurgence as a Giant? There’s not going to be any expectation that he’ll be a starter, obviously, but can he contribute as a middle man?

Well, it’s not going to cost the Giants $40 million to find out now.

One Response to “Jeff Suppan – 2010 Topps Update”

  1. […] A lot has been written about the ‘magic’ that Tony LaRussa and Dave Duncan have performed on starting pitchers in St. Louis (and somewhat in Oakland). Usually, it’s a short-term reclamation project that doesn’t last that long. Pitchers that aren’t projects tend to break down (Matt Morris, Mark Mulder, Adam Wainwright, Chris Carpenter), but most every pitcher breaks down somehow over time. And not every pitcher takes to it (Mike Maroth for one, Kent Mercker for another). And it’s usually short term or only stays in St. Louis (Pat Hentgen, Kent Bottenfeld, Jeff Suppan). […]

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