Chan Ho Park – 2009 Upper Deck

February 19, 2011

The Punch Line

Do you think anyone will sign Chan Ho Park this year?

Late update, Park has signed with the Orix Buffaloes. But the below still applies. Carry on…

It seems that everyone who takes a chance on him is the butt of many jokes around the baseball intarweb blogocube.

He wasn’t a joke until 2002. Up until then, he was a pretty effective pitcher (except for 1999). Then he signed with Texas in the Tom Hicks free agent stampede.

And he was stampeded.

As a Dodger, he had a 17.2 WAR. His total WAR for his career is 16.3.

Maths, you do it. That 17.2 does include his decent 2008 as a swingman for LA.

How can someone who has a negative WAR since 2002 still be employed every year? I understand that burning off his contract made sense, of course, but since then?

Anyone who wants a four or five year contract as a pitcher needs to realize that most teams learn from the past. All they have to do is look up Chan Ho’s career post-LA.

But then there’s the question on why Chan Ho succeeds in LA? The ballpark is one guess. Perhaps Chan Ho has found some good Korean restaurants in LA. I don’t know how prevalent they are in the Dallas – Fort Worth area, or Philly. “Yo, you want WHAT? Have a cheesesteak and shaddap!”







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