Brennan Boesch – 2010 Topps Update

February 19, 2011

Will the Real Brennan Boesch Please Stand Up?

The first half for Boesch – .342 / .397 / .593 – .990 OPS.

The second half for Boesch – .163 / .237 / .222 – .458 OPS.

If you are a Tiger fan, can you trust him?

What would concern me is Boesch’s minor league record. At AA in 2009, he hit .275 with 28 home runs, but only 33 walks and 127 K’s.

Now as a Twins fan (up here in Minnesota – BTW after a week of 40’s and 50’s we’re going to get 10 inches of snow tomorrow. Gentlemen, start your shovels…) while I don’t hope that Boesch falls down into a minefield, I do think that his scorching start masked what could be his fatal flaws. And it seems that major league pitchers figured him out and well.

Some of the Kool-Aid drinkers (each team has them) will insist that Boesch will be fine. Baseball fans are like that. Some will believe that Boesch will hit .340. Others will believe that Boesch will never hit .200 again. The truth, of course, is in between. I remember hearing all the time about how “Sammy Sosa was horrible when it counted”, and when I looked at the stats he was pretty much in line that season late-and-close as to overall. It’s just that some fans will always remember the strikeout with two on and two out in the 9th down by a run – and others will always remember the base hit in that situation.

So, Mr. Boesch, I guess it is up to you. Are you better than a .256 hitter with modest power?


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