Jason Giambi – 2010 Topps Update

February 18, 2011


When I first pulled this card, I had no idea it was Jason Giambi. I thought it was some serial killer in a Rockies uniform.

With no hair, Giambi’s not Giambi.

Last year, his OPS+ was 98 with a 0.1 WAR, though -0.4 WAR was defensive. Why Giambi is in the NL, I have no idea.

But he’s a Rockie again this year – and they have a mutual option for 2012.

The biggest oddity is that the player that he is most similar to is Willie McCovey. And like McCovey, in his mid-30s he was better than people thought (take a look at McCovey as a Padre – not that bad considering who he was playing for) but then cratered at 38. At age 39, they both came back a bit.

But now Giambi will be 40. He can’t run, can’t play defense and if Helton gets hurt again he’s probably stuck at first for a while.

Maybe all Giambi will need to do is grow his hair back. And stay away from chicks named Delilah.

One Response to “Jason Giambi – 2010 Topps Update”

  1. hiflew Says:

    Na, they’ll put Ty Wigginton at first before Giambi in the event of a Helton injury (which hopefully doesn’t occur).

    Jason Giambi is good for what he is now, a GREAT pinch hitter in a clutch situations. I know of at least three games he won or sent to extra innings last year with pinch hits.

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