Carlos Silva – 2010 Topps Update

February 18, 2011

Have A Heart, Mariners Fans

As you know, Silva had heart surgery during the season, and came back to pitch after he went under the knife. Fairly remarkable. Though he only pitched one game, the fact that he was able to take the mount at all after having his ticker worked on is pretty amazing.

That he was pitching well for the Cubs before his cardiac ablation surgery is quite remarkable for Mariners fans.

You see, Silva, despite his so-so major league performance (he had some good years and an absolute stinker in 2006 where he gave up 240 hits and 38 home runs and didn’t crack 200 IP), signed for $48 million for four years after 2007.

Yes, the Mariners gave a pitcher $48 million one season removed from a season where he had -1.3 war, only 32% quality starts, and had a .538 SLG against. Yes, Silva didn’t walk people. But sometimes walking people is better than having them rocket balls all over the yard.

So it’s not surprising that Silva channeled Mike Parrot with his 5-18, 6.81 mark as a Mariner.

What is amazing is that Seattle found a taker for him. Sure, they had to take Milton Bradley, but it was worth it.


Silva had a 1.8 WAR and a 103 ERA+. Decent numbers. I think Mariners fans would have taken that performance over what they received.

However, Seattle being Seattle, there wasn’t a huge national clamor for Silva’s head. Yankee fans still haven’t forgiven Carl Pavano or Hideki Irabu or Ed Whitson, so if Silva was a Yankee then his head would probably be impaled on a halberd and posted at the players’ entrance to Yankee stadium.

As Robyn Hitchcock said in “Viva Sea-Tac” – Seattle has the best coffee, computers and smack. A combination of those probably tempered the Mariners fans displeasure.

Or they realized it’s just baseball…


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