Ryan Braun – 2009 Bowman

February 16, 2011

Things Ryan Braun Is / Is Not:

A. Depending on how you classify these things, he is technically of Jewish descent. But only his father was Jewish and he never celebrated any holidays.

B. He  is the “Hebrew Hammer”. That’s an old-school nickname, back when they didn’t care about offending the person because it was all in good fun.

C. He is improving in the field. In 2010 he finally earned a positive WAR.

D. He is the better of the two players between Fielder and him.

E. He is signed through 2015, so the Brewers won’t have to worry about him for a while.

F. He is not a third baseman.

G. He is not a third baseman.

H. He is not a third baseman.

Why did I repeat that three times? Well, in his rookie year, he had a 5.0 offensive WAR and a -3.5 defensive WAR. His fielding percentage was .895 and he turned just 12 DPs in 112 games. At third, he makes Pedro Guerrero Brooks Robinson.

I. He is not related to the Other Ryan Braun, who pitched for the Royals a few years ago.

J. He is not related to Steve Braun, “professional hitter”.

K. He is not related to Sandy Koufax, who was Sandy Braun until his mother re-married.

L. He is destined for Cooperstown unless something goes awry, or he gets injured. Which could happen, of his 10 most similar players through age 26 three are HOFers (Hafey, Kiner and Billy Williams), two will get there (Ramirez, Thome), one could (Teixeira), two are modern players that fizzed (Mondesi and Shawn Green), and two are old-timers that had issues with health (Charlie Keller) or consistency (Jeff Heath).

M. As far as I know, he is not a vegan – so offer him a kielbasa when you seem him!


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