Dwayne Henry – 1992 Upper Deck

February 15, 2011

“No, I’m Dwayne. Butch Isn’t Here Yet…”

First, a note or two.

A. I’ve had some stuff going on, personally, that have left me in a tizzy. I can still receive packages (yay!) but any trade returns I may owe will be a while.

B. Yes, I know I haven’t updated my want lists on site. See A about the tizzy.

C. I do have my scanner with me, but haven’t had a chance to scan yet. But you know me, it won’t ALL be about 2011. Because that’s how I roll.

Well, now back to Mr. Henry.

Collectors who were casual Astros fans may have just noticed the name “Henry” in box scores in 1991 and 1992 and assumed they were the same one.

Butch came up in 1992. By this time Dwayne was long gone.

Even though Dwayne was 3-2, 3.19 with 2 saves, the Astros cut him in November. The Reds signed him up, and he was in Cincy in 1992.

However, a close look at the stats in 1991 show that 49% of his inherited runners (17 of 35) scored. That wasn’t an aberrant number. He had the same problem in Atlanta in 1990 (11 of 21) and in Cincy in 1992 (14 of 37).

Henry was supposed to be, well, relevant. He was a 2nd round pick by Texas and had good stuff.

But his problem was…well…

(His name ain’t baby…it’s Dwayne…it’s Dwayne…Mr. Henry if you’re nasty…)

He just couldn’t throw strikes consistently, and Texas finally got fed up and sent him to Atlanta. Atlanta got fed up and released him. Then the Astros, as noted above. The Reds had him for 1 1/4 seasons, and sent him to Seattle. They got rid of him and he finally wound up in Detroit. He then pitched in the minors in 1996 for Colorado (can you imagine a wild, straight fastball in Denver? Yikes!) and then in the independent leagues.

Many players don’t get the chances Henry got. Many players can’t throw in the 90’s. But there’s getting the chances, and taking advantage of them. Dwayne had what it took to get there – not what it took to stay there.

That, and he was no doubt picked on for his two pop culture references, two Dwayne’s from television.

Hey, hey, hey!

Now, if I were compared to either one, it would shake my confidence too.

Even if I didn’t wear those flip-down glasses.

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