Danny Worth – 2010 Topps Update

February 14, 2011

Tigers Rookie Loses Arm In Freak Incident

CHICAGO – Tragedy struck today at US Cellular Field as Tigers’ rookie infielder Danny Worth’s right arm fell from his body at the elbow as he was taking infield practice before the Tigers loss to the White Sox.

A hush fell across the diamond as the Detroit training staff moved swiftly to contain the damage, wrapping the fallen limb in ice and placing compresses at the stump. An ambulance was called and whisked Worth to Mercy Hospital where surgeons worked to re-attach the limb. There is no word at press time on the status of Worth’s arm.

“It’s a damn (bleepin’) shame,” said Tigers manager Jim Leyland. “Worth was really excited about being up with the big club, and he just tries so damn hard. But he really over-extended himself during the infield and this throw was just one too many at maximum velocity.

“I need a Goddamned cigarette,” continued Leyland.

Worth was a 2nd round draft pick of the Tigers in 2007. He has missed time during the past two seasons with injuries, but nothing as serious as a dismemberment. Ironically, Worth was called up to the bigs to replace Adam Everett, who is missing at this time. There is evidence that Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski fed Everett to the tigers at the Detroit Zoo, but Dombrowski denies this.

“Everett was making just $1.5 million. We can just charge a quarter more for the Domino’s Pizza at the park,” said Dombrowski. “Now, I gotta find another shortstop, so we’ll probably raise the pizza price 50 cents.”

Worth never lost consciousness during the incident. Ballpark observers reported that Worth said word to the effect of “Holy (bleeping) (bleep), what the (bleep) happened to my (bleeping) arm? (Bleeeeeeeeeeeep) it hurts!”

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