Milton Bradley – 2009 Upper Deck

February 13, 2011

There’s High Maintenance…

and then there’s Bradley.

The sad thing is that I remember Milton Bradley as a game manufacturer, and their products gave me hours of pleasure as a kidlet.

And now, I think of a certifiably nuts, yet talented, outfielder.

Bradley makes Carl Everett, Dave Kingman, Vince Coleman, and all of the other past and present misanthropes seem likable. He’s the only one who would lose a popularity contest to AJ Pierzynski.

I think the only player that could rival him in crazy-go-nuts is Alex Johnson. Actually, scratch that. Bradley hasn’t accused a middle infielder on pulling a gun on him in the clubhouse, as far as we know.

One thing strikes me in this pose…I can almost feel the narcissism.”Oh, you handsome devil…”

If any sports psychologist can get him to chill out, calm down, and just play, that guy (or gal) would be mega-rich. But there have been these kind of guys throughout baseball history. Baseball isn’t a game where the troubled souls can suffer in silence. Nope, it’s all out there for us to see.




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