Mark Rzepczynski – 2009 Topps Update

February 13, 2011

Is He The President Of Bezerkistan?

This gentleman’s name is ZEP-CHIN-SKI. Of course, why not?

What a great name!

I remember when Vanderbilt had a center named Dawid Przbyszewski. It’s pronounced CHEB-U-CHEF-SKI. Of course.

Shall I do the Raymond Luxury Yacht thing again? Nah, but remember it’s pronounced Throat Wobbler Mangrove!

Rzepczynski has a lot of potential, but has dealt with injuries in both 2009 and 2010. He’s still high on the list of possible breakout pitchers this season. He’s a lefty with good stuff and poise, which of course are qualities in high demand. He just needs better control. Mark him on your ‘sleeper’ list – and swoop in and pick him up when injuries inevitably hit (or when Bartolo Colon challenges CC Sabathia to a hot dog eating contest, and they accidentally eat AJ Burnett).

I love odd, weird names, but his name reminds me of a current Doonesbury story arc, where the president of the fictional Bezerkistan is named Bmzklfrpz.


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