Tom Mastny – 2007 Topps Update

February 11, 2011

Congrats, Homeboy

I moved to Zionsville, Indiana with my wife in 1997. We lived there until 2005. So I was there when Mastny was pitching high school baseball and I do remember the local paper talking about his Furman playing career. But baseball’s not the sport in Zionsville, it’s football (and golf – it’s an old money suburb – I lived in an annexed area which was not ‘approved’ by some in the hierarchy).

The odd thing about Mastny is that he was born in Indonesia, whilst his parents were on vacation. What would Lou Dobbs say about Mastny’s citizenship, hmmmm? Would Orly Taitz (or Luke Scott, for that matter) think Mastny could run for president? (Heh…)

Anyway. Mastny made it to the bigs, found a little success, got a win in the post-season (yay!) but after a failed stint in Japan is a AAA pitcher waiting for someone to get hurt. Last year he pitched in New Orleans for Florida after a time in the independent leagues, but I haven’t seen where he landed for 2011.

But an Indiana kid from a town I lived in (and lived in when he did) made the majors! Can’t beat that with a stick!



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