Mark Hendrickson – 2009 Topps

February 10, 2011

The Leader Of The Bland…

You know, it is hard to be a major league baseball player. It’s probably as hard as being a worker in North Korea when Kim Jong-Il just wanders by…

Thanks to the great blog Kim Jong-il Looking At Things.

It’s also hard to be an NBA player. Hendrickson has done both.

But he’s been downright meh at both jobs.

Hendrickson (the new Kevin Jarvis) has been in the league for nine seasons, and not counting his first cuppa coffee in 2002, he’s not been good at all except for two seasons. Well, a half season for Tampa Bay in 2006 (no pressure there) and as a swingman in 2009 for Baltimore (again, about as low pressure as you can get).

57-74, 5.02 and an ERA+ of 90. Bleah.

Last year, I was listening to a Twins game on the radio against Baltimore. This was during the Juan Samuel regime, and the Orioles were dispirited at best and outright apathetic at worst. It was a Sunday day game in August in Baltimore, 96 degrees and the humidity was pretty high as well. So yeah, it’s not fun to be out there if you’re getting your head beat in.

Hendrickson replaced Jake Arrieta in the 4th and was perfectly ineffective. And must have looked bored out there. So much so that the Twins color commentator, Dan Gladden, was ripping Hendrickson on the air questioning if he really wanted to be out there, and with attitudes like that its no wonder the Orioles lose.

I may be wrong about the tenor of it, but to me it was clear…Hendrickson was mailing it in that day.

But he’s still employed.

Before joining baseball full-time, he played four seasons in the NBA for four teams (Sixers, Kings, Nets and Cavs).  He averaged 3.3 points and 2.8 rebounds in just 13.2 minutes per game. He was basketball’s version of a mop-up man.

Yes, I say this about Hendrickson knowing that major league baseball ain’t easy – and you got critics watching your every pitch. But, he keeps getting a chance to have an ERA over 5, and others in AAA don’t get a sniff.

Oh, he’s a lefty, and you know the rule…




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