Willie Bloomquist – 2010 Topps Update

February 6, 2011

It’s Too Bad He Never Played For LaRussa

If Willie played for Tony LaRussa, George Will would have written an entire chapter about the scrappiness that is Willie Bloomquist.

I like a good scrappy player, if he can play the game.

David Eckstein snowed enough writers with his scrappiness to get MVP votes when his OPS+ was 101 and 99 (though to be honest, he had more WAR than the 2002 winner Miguel Tejada). Eckstein also plays defense fairly well up the middle, can run, and hits doubles.

Willie? Well, his position codes on Baseball Reference look like someone trying to text an international cell phone. (I mean, if you’ve ever listened to World Have Your Say on NPR (it’s by the BBC) the number to send a text seems like it takes five minutes to say.)

Bloomquist has never slugged over .400. The one season he had a decent OBP, he had ONE extra base hit in 192 plate appearances. He can play everywhere, but aside from CF, not particularly well.

Sadly, for Royals fans, it was no shock when they gave Willie 468 plate appearances in 2009, with a performance that a decent AAA player could replicate. And I, myself, wasn’t shocked when Dusty Baker found room for him in late September on the Reds in 2010. Dusty loved him so Neifi Perez, and Willie’s Neifi with special scrappiness on the side.

What I don’t get, aside from the fact that Scott Boras (Willie’s agent) must have all of these GMs by the ‘nads, is that the Diamondbacks signed him for 2011, with an option for 2012.

Willie’s going to be 33 next year. That’s the time that scrappy over-achievers start their coaching career in the Pioneer League, not play for a team that’s supposed to be rebuilding. What can Willie do that Tony Abreu can’t do?

Well, Kirk Gibson isn’t messing around. There’s no more iPads in the clubhouse before games. And to heck with Drew and Upton – he’ll throw Willie in there to get his uniform dirty. I mean, when your bullpen gives up seven runs a game, you may as well look like you’ve tried.

BTW – So much for “Update” – Willie was a Red by the time these things came out. You’re telling me they couldn’t photoshop that sucker really quickly, or at least acknowledge it somewhere. Millions of kids are going to be still thinking Willie Bloomquist is a Royal.





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