Mike Gonzalez – 2010 Topps

February 5, 2011

“Take That!”

In every action shot of Mike Gonzalez, his mouth is wide open.

Good thing he hasn’t pitched in Cleveland in the post season, otherwise he’d be still picking those midges out of his teeth.

If anyone asks why it is foolish to spend huge dollars on any relief pitcher not named Rivera or Hoffman, then point them to Gonzalez’ B-R page, especially the Player Value – Pitcher section.

Yes, he’s been hurt. That’s the point. Pitchers get hurt. Relief pitchers get hurt. But unlike starters, relief pitchers are more of a commodity.

I have to get my teeth cleaned every four months because I sleep with my mouth open and get build-up. Perhaps Gonzalez’ habit of opening his mouth every pitch gets bad air into his system which affects his muscles and bones?

Heck, I dunno. All I know is that the Orioles, who are suddenly spending like crazy when every one else is looking at the bargain racks, paid $6 million for 24 2/3 innings of work.


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