Carlton Fisk – 1989 Topps

February 5, 2011

Some Lesser Known Accomplishments By Fisk

A. Did not pummel Hawk Harrelson when he demanded Fisk play LF so they could catch Joel Skinner in 1986.

B. Won the Silver Slugger in 1988 despite playing just 76 games.

C. Tried to beat the crap out of both Thurman Munson and Lou Piniella. Not at the same time, unfortunately.

D. Told Deion Sanders, “If you don’t play the game right, I’m going to kick your ass right here.” after Sanders didn’t run out a pop fly. Sanders was later known as an excellent baseball teammate. It’s a wonder no one did that to him in football.

E. Was a spokesman for Copenhagen and took huge dips in the ads.

F. Was almost traded from the White Sox to the Yankees for Don Baylor. Can you imagine Fisk a Yankee?

G. Hit just .259 in the minors.

H. Is the pride and joy of Charlestown, New Hampshire, but was born in Bellows Falls, Vermont.

I. Stole 17 bases at age 37.

J. In his first game for Boston in 1969, caught Mike Nagy and Gary Wagner.

K. In his last game for Boston in 1980, he played DH against Toronto. His last game at catcher was as a defensive sub and he caught Bob Stanley (who pitched 9 1/3 innings of RELIEF!)

L. In his first game for the White Sox in 1981, he caught Britt Burns, Lamarr Hoyt and Ed Farmer.

M. In his last game in 1993, he caught Alex Fernandez and Donn Pall.

N. Probably should have endorsed Brawny paper towels.


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