Ronnie Belliard – 2010 Topps Update

February 4, 2011

Hey, One Man To A Pair Of Pants Out There…

A. Yes, I know this thing called Topps 2011 is out there. But I haven’t scanned any, mainly because I don’t have many doubles thus far and what I do have is already packed in boxes awaiting shipment tomorrow to about six stalwart and patient folks.

2.  You’ve read Ball Four, right? There was a great segment where Jim Bouton is standing next to George Brunet (the man who puts the “peri” in “peripatetic”) whilst Mickey Lolich is pitching for the Tigers. Bouton quotes Brunet razzing Lolich with the “one man to a pair of pants” line. One of the funniest things I’ve ever heard, and Bouton says the true nature of the hilarity is because Brunet himself is not svelte, not at all.

iii. I am no one that should be remarking on someone’s weight, but I just did. When I graduated high school in the year of Van Halen’s last legit album (not Van Hagar with Sammy Headache), I weighed about 135. I gained 20 my freshman year of college, and kept my weight around 160 to 165 after college until I moved to Indianapolis. Out went the basketball and other athletic endeavors. And now, I am comfortably over double century. The worst thing is that I used to be 32-32 in jeans (rather much easy to remember) and now am 40-32 and need me some relaxed fit most of the time.

FOUR. Ronnie is listed at 210 pounds. Um…right.


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