Curtis Granderson – 2009 Upper Deck

February 4, 2011


I’m horrible at this, but I’m guessing that Granderson is diving into third base after hitting a triple, since I don’t see any fielders by him.

And Curtis can triple. He swatted 23 in 2007 and 13 in 2008.

Those 23 triples were the most in the baseball in the ‘integration’ era – tied with Dale Mitchell’s 23 in 1949 for Cleveland.

In AL history, that’s the sixth highest total. Only guys named Crawford, Cobb and Shoeless Joe hit more triples in a season.

In the entire history of major league baseball, that’s the 22nd highest total of triples ever. 12 of those seasons happened in 19th century, on balls that probably would be home runs now if they had any semblance of logical fence circling the park.

I really hate the term ‘modern era’. Baseball was no different in 1902 than it was in 1896. Yes, in the 1880’s and before there were some rules differences, but the object of the game was the same – and the rules were in alignment from the mid 1890’s to today. But Granderson put up a triple total in 2007 that lives more in the 1890’s than today.

And there was much…apathy.

That’s a shame.

If Granderson had a season with the 22nd highest total of home runs, that would be 54 and he’d be there with guys like Mantle, Ruth and Kiner. Oh, and Ortiz and Bautista. You heard more about their seasons than Granderson’s. By odd coincidence, 22nd in doubles for a season is also 54.

22nd in hits for a season would be 237 – same total as seasons by Medwick, Duffy, Heilman, and Big Poison Waner.

22nd in runs is 156, set by Rogers Hornsby and John McGraw.

22nd in RBI is 159 by Vern Stephens and Ted Williams.

22nd in steals (in the logical SB era) is 80 by Rickey.

Get the point.

His 2007 triples mark is a big f’n deal. Why didn’t we make it one? Why can’t we see that there’s a HOF caliber player on this here card?

Well, even with the roids, chicks and sportswriters dig the longball. I guess.






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