Trevor Crowe – 2009 Upper Deck

February 3, 2011


Trevor Crowe, as you know, is the player that made the last out in Armando Galarraga’s perfect game. Oh, wait, it wasn’t perfect. But he made the last out.

I think that’s about all that will be notable about him. He’s an average outfielder, and he needs to cut down on strikeouts, walk more, and add some power to his game.

Oh, and the card above is pretty darn notable. Isn’t it lovely?

The best part about it is that Crowe is selling out like this in a spring training game. See, area code 863 (listed in the banner) is from Central Florida. Now, I was skeptical at first, since the Indians used to train in Arizona and now train in Arizona, but for about 15 years they trained in Winter Haven.

Winter Haven is in area code 863. (Question: What kind of person decides to write a Wikipedia article about an area code? Answer: What do you care? You’re 45 and you’re writing about baseball cards.)

And Crowe is trying to make the team by going all out. No doubt this was in the late innings of a spring game when the scrubs, non-roster fillers and other lesser lights get their ABs while Grady Sizemore was already on the 3rd tee.

UD gave Crowe this card even though he didn’t play in the majors in 2008. He’s got one of the few ‘four digit’ cards in 2009 base set as he was seeing lots of time in 2009.

Now my only questions are:

1. Did Crowe make the catch?

2. Did Eric Wedge even notice?

3. Will anyone notice that I added two videos onto my Josh Outman post?

4. How did Sizemore do on the 392-yard Par-4 that doglegs right and has water protecting the green?


2 Responses to “Trevor Crowe – 2009 Upper Deck”

  1. cubsfan731 Says:

    I’m sorry, but Jason Donald was the player that broke up Galarraga’s perfect game.

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