Jordan Danks – 2008 Bowman

February 2, 2011

Hey, Bro, Can I Borrow Some Dough?

The Danks kids are both talented baseball players.

John, the pitcher, has been eerily consistent for the White Sox the past three seasons. After a learning curve his first season, his 2008-2010 seasons have been basically interchangeable. Because of this, he’s going to make $3.5 million this year and I wouldn’t be surprised if the White Sox avoid arbitration by signing him to a longer-term deal.

Jordan is slated to play in AAA this season. He’s been consistent as well. He plays a decent CF, and strikes out.

A lot.

Last year in AA, he whiffed 151 times, which would be OK if he hit for power or got on base. He didn’t.

I have a sneaking feeling that to fill the spots in Bowman releases, they look for siblings, sons, grandsons, etc. of major league players and just throw them a bone. Why not? Well, except for the fact that Bowman could ignore players with excellent minor league stats that don’t have the prospect pedigree.

This photo was shot at batting practice or extended spring training – where the draftees go after the draft and before assignment. Danks played just 10 games in A-ball in 2008 after he was drafted. His brother, while not a star, is a good player for a good team in the majors, and here Jordan is, hitting balls in front of a crowd of ghosts.


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