Jason Heyward – 2010 Topps Update

January 31, 2011

Who’s Cool (Besides Jason?)

Well, Section 36 sent me some of his unwanted cards, and most all of them were in sets that I haven’t collected but now I am toying with a couple three. Thanks, much!

Colbey sent me his last group break stuff with some packs to rip. He’s got another group break now. I’m sitting this one out so there’s more for everyone!

Nachos Grande sent me his side of a trade, which I now need to go through my Reds parallels, etc. and also send him the two autos that I received. That makes 9 packages to go out…yikes!

So with that and some other purchases I made – it took me a while to sort out. I finally got them sorted and I was ready to put them in my storage boxes tonight when the doorbell rang.

“Scott, you have a package. It’s baseball cards from…Troll???”

Yep, the Troll sent me somethin’. A past due trade, so he made up for it. He gave me some of what I needed to complete sets, added a bunch of random packs (which knocked about seven cards off of my 1990 Score list!), some boxes that I haven’t even opened yet of random stuff…and a couple of really groovy things that I haven’t scanned.

First was a 1972 Bert Blyleven.

Second, was a 1986 Topps Phil Bradley. Big deal, right?

It’s an autographed 1986 Topps Phil Bradley.

I’m going to have to scan that and do a post on Phil Bradley (and also one on Mickey Brantley, who had one of the best APBA cards one year). All I can tell you is this about why Bradley is a special player to me (and he Troll didn’t even know it…but he’s cool like that. I mean way down in his blog he has his mug posted – he’s a sophisticated raconteur he is. However, I speak for the majority of heterosexual males in requesting more Esther photos (Esther being his roller derby queen)) because Bill James got me thinking about runs scored vs. RBI as a stat. James said that Joe Carter’s 100+ RBI was due to circumstance, and Bradley’s 100+ runs scored was skill. Especially since Bradley played for the moribund Mariners.

Bradley was quite underrated, and his career abruptly came to a halt after a poor (for him) 1990, and a trip to Japan. He played in AAA in 1992 and that was it. Kaput. Done.

Anyway, when I also hear Phil Bradley I think of Phillip Bailey…

Anyway, to all youse guys…Jason Heyward says you’re cool just like him.




2 Responses to “Jason Heyward – 2010 Topps Update”

  1. Kerry Biggs Says:

    I am an extremely huge fan of “Easy Lover”. I guess the full effect of that isn’t really realized unless you compare it to the rest of the music (i.e. not Phil Collins) that I listen to.

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