Jason Bay – 2008 Topps Stadium Club

January 31, 2011

Baseball Is A Tough Game, But Let’s Get Some Perspective

I often talk about how baseball shows no mercy and gives no quarter.

Baseball doesn’t care who you are, or what you did yesterday. It does not care what you will do tomorrow. Baseball cares about today. And today, you could go 3-4 with 5 RBI against Roy Halladay, or go 0-4 with 3 K’s and a foul out against Charlie Morton.

It was often said that Jason Bay would be a household name if he didn’t play in Pittsburgh. Well, he played in Boston and while he played well, he wasn’t beloved, and played poorly in the ALDS. He then signed a big McLarge Huge contract with the Mets. The Mets being the Mets, Bay didn’t show the power he had in Boston (but Citi Field is a big-time pitchers park, and I swear the jets from LaGuardia do SOMETHING to the air around there), and then scrambled his brain on the wall of Chavez Ravine.

Bay has limited what the Mets can do, payroll-wise and may be damaged goods for the rest of his career. Concussions suck, and post-concussion syndrome is no laughing matter.

Yet, let’s keep the game in perspective. You may think you’re tough trying to play through a concussion, but St. Simeon Stylites doesn’t want to hear about playing a game when you are injured.

See, back in his day (5th Century CE), monks were the stars of the world. And his fans kept bugging St. Simeon Stylites while he was trying to do monk things. So, he decided to climb a pillar. He liked it and he stayed there. FOR 37 YEARS!

People brought him food, and they even erected even taller pillars for him to stand on, but he never came down from a pillar for that many years.

And I have no idea how to weave St. Simeon Stylites back into Jason Bay, except to say that they were both male human beings that lived on planet Earth at some point. Other than that, Simeon is dead, Syrian and a Roman Catholic monk. Bay is alive, Canadian, and not a Roman Catholic monk. Bay may have received votes for the MVP title, but Simeon no doubt won the MVM (Most Valuable Monk) award based on the votes from Antioch and Constantinople.

Now, If you will excuse me, I need to see about erecting a column in my back yard. I think that may be the easiest way to get away from my kids…


One Response to “Jason Bay – 2008 Topps Stadium Club”

  1. Play at the Plate Says:

    Can I borrow your column…in 37 years.

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