Rondell White – 2007 Upper Deck

January 30, 2011

Rondell, It Ain’t That Cold!

Meet the player that would win any vote for “Most Disappointing” not because of his performance, but because of his injuries.

Had he not been made of particle board, he could have been one of the best players of his era. He was a plus defender in center, could hit, run, throw, steal bases and had some power.

I remember when the Cubs got him, he did great but couldn’t stay in the lineup. I’d gladly take a player with a .900 OPS in left field, but not if they can only play 90+ games and the replacements were Delino Deshields (in LEFT?), Matt Stairs (rather much a defensive liability) and Rosie Brown. That 2001 Cubs team needed White in the lineup – it needed Baylor to let Deshields play second when they got him and bring Eric Young off the bench. It needed to stop wasting at-bats with Gary Matthews Jr., Ron Coomer and Corey Patterson (where have we heard that before?) and build a team that could get on base for Sosa.

Instead they got a lineup that was slap-tastic, bunting all the dang time in Wrigley. They had 34 more sac bunts in 2001 than any one else in the NL. WHY? WHY? WHY?

When he got to the Twins, Rondell was basically used up. There was concern when he signed with the Twins because he had no defensive ability anymore, and couldn’t run. It turned out that even though the Twins went 96-66, they had big problems in LF and at DH, thanks to Lew Ford cratering his career, Shannon Stewart being injured, and White being injured and not producing. Jason Kubel wasn’t ready (he soon would be), and when Jason Tyner is your answer, you aren’t asking the right question.

And if Rondell White were healthy, it wouldn’t have been necessary. But Rondell wasn’t healthy. And we wore a stocking cap in his UD card. It’s going to be below zero again this week. Rondell, that’s when you don the cap!

One Response to “Rondell White – 2007 Upper Deck”

  1. Locode Says:

    Yeah, poor old Rondell had all the tools except health. I was an Expos fan and hated to see him go, but I knew he was never going to be what he might have been. But then, I guess he was what he was meant to be.

    Whenever he came to bat I used to imagine the Expos pitcher humming ‘Help Me Rhonda’ by the Beach Boys, with the lyrics in his head being “Help me Rondell yeah, hit it out of the park”.

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