Mariners Leaders – 1987 Topps

January 25, 2011

The Perfect Card For The Mariners Of The 80’s

My friend at Emerald City would agree, no doubt.

In this, we find Matt Young, head down, getting an earful from…someone. Meanwhile, the catcher (Kearney?) looks to the bullpen for help.

I don’t think it’s Dick Williams. I think it’s Phil Regan, the pitching coach, that’s telling young to keep the ball down, throw strikes and don’t get so cute out there.

Since it’s a blurry shot, I can only guess at where – but it’s a road day game. Young was in the rotation, then yanked, then became the ‘closer’.

Could this be May 17, 1986? Young as the starter in New York? Put back into the rotation after pitching seven shutout relief innings of Milt Wilcox (he was still active?), Young gave up five hits, three walks, and two homers in 1 2/3. Though only two of the eight runs he gave up were earned, he no doubt was told, “I don’t care if they’re all unearned – they still count!”

Young gave up a grand slam to Dave Winfield (Mr. May strikes again!) and solo shot to Gary Roenicke (back-to-back jacks) before his untimely exit. And while Alvin Davis’ error prolonged the inning, Young walked the bases loaded in the second before the error.

Sure, that may not be the game in question, but for the Mariners, it’s fitting to have their “Leaders” card in the 1987 series depict such an event.


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