Luke Scott – 2009 Topps

January 24, 2011

Luke, We Need To Talk…

Seriously, dude. When I was in Baltimore in 2009 I bought one of your t-shirts for my daughters to use as a night shirt. I loved how this card looks.

And you come out and say, that you’re a ‘birther’? You have ‘questions’ if Obama was born in this country?

I’m going to direct you to four sites:

Bad Fiction

Oh, For Goodness Sake

Obama Conspiracy Theories (Currently on vacation, but the archives are lush)

Native & Natural Born Citizenship Explored

And here’s another for some history: What’s Your Evidence

I know many baseball players are probably conservative, but I didn’t expect any of them to be insane like this. Ok, sure, Show, Dravecky and Thurmond were in the John Birch Society but I think it was more of a passing thing than hard-core allegiance to their wacky theories. Some of these birthers (especially the ones Bad Fiction writes about) are dancing close to sedition and treason with calls for armed revolts and the like. Of course, they call for armed revolts from the safety of their computer desks, whilst reaching for the nachos. Just like me, except I’m not trying to foment revolution – I’m just here to talk about cards.

Luke, you disappoint me, man. Live up to your name (your last, my first) and don’t be a nutball.


2 Responses to “Luke Scott – 2009 Topps”

  1. Kerry Biggs Says:

    He’s a gun nut as well. I vividly remember seeing an Outside the Lines story that featured him back when he played for the Astros, packing heat in his car (and proud of it!)

  2. […] on vacation. What would Lou Dobbs say about Mastny’s citizenship, hmmmm? Would Orly Taitz (or Luke Scott, for that matter) think Mastny could run for president? […]

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