Kyle Farnsworth – 2009 Upper Deck

January 24, 2011

Looks Can Be Deceiving

Behind the specs and mild-mannered demeanor lies a ticking time bomb.

Is there any more polarizing non-superstar player than Kyle Farnsworth?

I mean, as a recovering Cubs fan, I hated the guy for crap like this.

Thanks to MLB scrubbing You Tube, that’s about the only Farnsworth fight video I could find. But he’s had a few scraps. To me, he’s the new Rob Dibble. Yes, you can fight and back up your teammates, but when Farnsworth gets into hit, blood spills, teeth fly and damage is done. He’s more of a hockey enforcer – like a David Koci or Derek Boogaard.

In 2001, he was lights out for the Cubs and I thought he should be a starter.

In 2002, he was an arsonist and I thought he should be banished to Iowa. There were rumors that Kyle, an LDS member from Georgia, did not or could not control himself in the Windy City when it came to the various temptations of life. It would make sense.

Since then, he’s been enthralling then infuriating fans, managers and GMs for every team he’s played for. He lets a lot of inherited runners score, and a plurality of his appearances are in low-leverage situations.

But he’s got that arm. He still throws gas.

I just wouldn’t want him on my team.


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