George Kottaras – 2010 Topps Update

January 20, 2011




Hey, Mr. Kott-er-as!

After being featured on countless update, future stars and other type of cards, Kottaras finally received some big league playing time that didn’t involve a cup-of-coffee or catching the rare backup-catcher start.

The results were mixed.

He had power. He drew some walks.

But he hit .203. He only threw out 15% of all base-runners. And his other catching metrics weren’t good. And he’ll be 28 next year.

And his expression is, shall we say, dorky, on this card. I think that’s the technical term.

If he wants not to be know as “My Big Fat Greek Backup Catcher” (though he’s not really big nor fat at all), then he’s gotta get it done this year.

Or at the very least, his 2011 card should be less dork-like and more fitting a proud Greek-Canadian. Have some gyros and ouzo, eh?



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