Kevin Youkilis – 2008 Topps

January 18, 2011

Who’s Awesome?

You’re awesome! Particularly, you, you, you and you.

(Left to right: Night Owl, Lifetime Topps, Thorzul, Dimwit).

I got quite a few packages in the mail today, though Night Owl is sending more.

And what Night Owl said to me in the note is this:

(Well, actually he said he needed a bigger box, so he had to split it up.)

Currently, I am awaiting two group breaks (one the post office snagged, for some reason) and another package or two. My want list is up to date as it stands now!

I’m currently working on paying off the winner of the Fantasy Football League (Red Sox), an Astros trade, more Braves, more Rays, and about ready to dive into Phillies and Brewers soon.

So things are happening. Just like when the Yooook! steps to the plate.

Who’s awesome? All of us – we are all awesome!

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