Tom Candiotti – 1994 Upper Deck

January 17, 2011

“I Got This Gripped Right? Right? Gosh I Hope So.”

His eyes seemingly taking a last furtive glance at the ball, and his expression of worry, it was easy to create the tag line for this post.

We need more knuckleball pitchers! There are only one or two scuffling around still in all of organized ball, and that’s not enough!

It was always fun when Candiotti came to the mound. Though maybe not as fun for his teammates. They tended not to score runs for him. The worried look on his face also probably was due to the fact that the Dodgers scored just 2.8 runs per start for him in 1993!

The 1987 Indians (with both Candy AND Phil Niekro) were awful, leading to Tom’s 7-18 record. The  1992 Dodgers couldn’t score against an American Legion team and Tom went 11-15 and had a 4.6 WAR.

The 1995 Dodgers had a winning record, but Tom went 7-14 even though his ERA was better than Ramon Martinez (17-7).

I think the catcher’s cabal took an oath against Tom – no run support when he pitches.

And now, Tom spends his time bowling. He’s a member of the International Bowling Hall of Fame, and I guess averages over 200 in leagues in Scottsdale. I wonder what grip he uses…


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