Shane Komine – 2006 Topps Update

January 17, 2011


Shane got on a card. Actually, he was on a few of the many releases in 2006-07 but this is his ‘mainstream’ card as it were, even thought it’s in the Update set.

But I really had to scramble to figure out who he was. And while my baseball passion took a dip for a while, I still knew many players by name.

Mr. Komine wasn’t one of them.

I do have questions:

A. Why does a kid from Hawaii play college ball in Nebraska? I like Nebraska; it’s an underrated state. But Hawaii vs. Nebraska is like D-1 vs. NCCAA.

B. There was an article about how people were saying he was ‘too short’. Have they never seen Billy Wagner? Size don’t enter into it, much. It’s about mechanics, control and command.

C. What do you do when you’re 30 years old, a 9th round pick, four games of big league experience and an elbow that is mush? No, seriously. It’s not too late at all to enter the ‘real world’ but how do you transition? Is he in the ‘real world’? He pitched in Newark in an Independent League in 2009 but nothing last year.

D. How do you think he felt only getting two starts in 2006, especially since in his first he gave up just four hits and one run in 6 innings? He did walk eight batters in nine innings, while striking out just one, and Kurt Saarloos bailed him out big time in his second start. I know Oakland was in a race, but still that has to gnaw at the competitor in you a little, doesn’t it?

E. Why haven’t there been more Japanese – American players from Hawaii? Travis Ishikawa and Lenn Sakata are the others besides Komine. There have been other Hawaiians but I’m surprised that no more than three Japanese-Americans have made the majors.

F. Do pitching coaches or youth coaches take baseball cards and show their players grips for pitches? Is Komine gripping a proper pitch? Is he gripping a pitch properly?

G. I am sure that this card is in the Topps’ “Cards Your Mother Threw Out” Redemption Merry-Go-Round. If you decide not to redeem it, it will no doubt go into a grab bag that you find at Target, Wal-Mart and other fine stores repackaged by Excell Marketing. The question is this: Should they make a promotion called “Cards Your Mother Threw Out & That You Decided Weren’t Worth Your While To Redeem?” and pack them 250 cards for $5. How many of us suckers would buy ’em?

One Response to “Shane Komine – 2006 Topps Update”

  1. kamisama Says:

    Kurt Suzuki who plays for the A’s is Japanese American born in Hawaii. Others that come to mind are Don Wakamatsu (from Oregon) and Shane Victorino is part Japanese.

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