Luis Aquino – 1992 Upper Deck

January 14, 2011

Baseball Cards Capture History

Can you feel the nostalgia in this card? It captures an historic moment in the history of…well…Luis Aquino.

July 20, 1991 – Tigers at Royals. The Royals jump on Rusty Meacham and Paul Gibson and lead 8-1 after five. But wily vet Mike Boddicker begins to tire in the top of the sixth. Boddicker gives back three runs on a walk to Fielder, and then back-to-back jacks by Tettleton and Bergman. Wait…Dave Bergman?

Then after two out, Travis Fryman walks. Hal McRae has seen enough. Before he starts drinking straight gin in the clubhouse, he goes and gets Boddicker out of there, and in trots Luis Aquino.

Aquino gets Milt Cuyler to ground out weakly to first to end the threat. No really, that’s what it says on Retrosheet:

Groundout: 1B unassisted (Weak 1B)


In the 7th, Aquino runs into trouble. Whitaker singles and Sparky senses something or other so he sends in Skeeter Barnes to run. (Maybe he sensed an injury, since Barnes starts at second the next game). After two out, Tettleton singles and Bergman walks. Wait…Dave Bergman?

McRae peers out to the mound. It’s make or break time. Either Aquino gets Pete Incaviglia or Hal and the Beefeater’s are going to get cozy after the game.

Another weak groundout to first.

Groundout: 1B unassisted (Weak 1B)


After that, Aquino cannot be tamed. In the eighth, he gets Livingstone to pop into foul territory between third and the catcher, and Fryman and Cuyler are bamboozled and grab some bench, as it were.

In the top of the 9th, he tells Barnes and Moseby to get back to their hotel with that weak sauce. Fielder tries to make amends by hitting the ball to Independence, but the ball nestles into Eisenreich’s glove and the win has been preserved. Aquino gets his third save, his first of the year at home, and the celebration begins. As you see above, there’s Tom Gordon, and Tim Spehr and the rest of the Royals join in the party.

Woo-hoo! Congrats to Luis on his first home save of 1991!


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