Jimmy Haynes – 1996 Topps

January 13, 2011

Duck, Jimmy Haynes Is Pitching…

I am convinced that this simple country boy from LaGrange, GA had so much dirt on baseball executives that they were forced to shovel piles of cash at him, despite his performance.

He was a Top 100 prospect according to Baseball America, yet when he got to the bigs he couldn’t strike anyone out, he walked too many and he gave up too many hits. Other than that, he was effective.

In 1999, he stood on the mound for Oakland and Charlie Browned it to a 7-12, 6.34 slate. In the off-season, a three way between Oakland, Colorado and Milwaukee sent Haynes to the Brewers. For his effort the year before, Haynes was awarded a contract at $900,000. He went 12-13, 5.33 and they raised it to $2.1 million.

$2.1 million for a year where he walked more than he struck out, and he had only 13 quality starts in 33 attempts.

After a 8-17, 4.85 mark in 2001, he signed for $500,000 with the Reds. Of course, his 2001 was better on all levels than his 2000, but he got a huge pay cut.

Hungry, I suppose, he went 15-10, 4.12 for the Reds in 2002. Now, those Reds were 78-84 and finished third. But in looking at the team, they needed help in a lot of areas. But the locked up Haynes for two years at $2.5 million each.

A bargain? Maybe, but up until then Haynes was 61-74 with a 5.24 ERA in his career. And there was plenty of sample size. Why would anyone think he wouldn’t regress to his mean. But the Reds were optimistic, and they bet on Haynes.

How does Haynes reward you? By going 2-15 with a 6.75 ERA before he’s shut down by injuries, for good.

Jimmy must of had pictures of every GM in baseball in compromising positions with lithe houseboys and mountains of cocaine.

One Response to “Jimmy Haynes – 1996 Topps”

  1. night owl Says:

    I have absolutely no memory of this guy.

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