Joe Klink – 1992 Upper Deck

January 10, 2011

“Hey, Terry…”

“Yeah, Joe.”

“Is Tony looking at us.”


“Anyone up in the pen besides Chitren?”

“Yeah, they got Honey up”

“Man, I’m done. They’ve got a two righties and another lefty and it’ll be Steve and then Honeycutt.”

“It’s your job, Joe. You’re supposed to get the lefties. You and Rick, and you did your job.”

“I know, but, I’d like to throw more in the game. I throw more pitches in the pen than I do in the games.”

“Joe…I don’t know what to tell you, except keep it down and throw strikes. Tony and Dunc have got this lefty / righty thing going, and they’re talking about adding even another pitcher down there?”

“12? I thought 11 was too many. Not enough work for 11.”

“Well, once you get something in Tony’s head, you can’t get him to let go of it.”


“Oh, hey Tim.”

“Terry, you and Klink here wrap it up.”

“Chitren takes forever to get loose, sorry.”

“Well, tell Duncan to get out here.”

“Tim, what do you think? You think Tony’s going a bit too far with this percentage thing?”

“Joe, all I know is that you’re holding up the game now, and here comes Duncan.”

“Nice game, Joe.”

“Thanks, Dunc. BTW, can I throw more than one pitch next time?”

“Maybe, Klink, maybe.”

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