Jeff Pico – 1990 Donruss

January 7, 2011

“Oh, Pico…Piiiico…Piiiiiico…Because Pico”

September 1990
Chicago weather fine
It was business as usual
On the mound – one more time

(Yes, I realize that conflating a martyr to the cause in South Africa with a two-bit reliever for the Cubs is, well, a bit much. But hey…what else do I have to work with?)

You wonder why he moved up as quickly as he did – he wasn’t a bat dodger in the minors. His 2.24 ERA in 1988 was helped by 11 unearned runs in 68 1/3 innings. In 1987, he gave up 192 hits in 172 2/3 innings in AA and AAA.

But he was a Cub for three years. He wasn’t awful. He just wasn’t…anything. But he was a good enough organizational guy that he’s now the minor league pitching coordinator for the Diamondbacks, replacing Charles Nagy, who was promoted to the big league staff, replacing Mel Stottlemyre, Jr. the brother of this guy that I just wrote about.

Funny how it’s all a circle in the end, isn’t it?



2 Responses to “Jeff Pico – 1990 Donruss”

  1. […] The Cubs were the defending NL East champs, but were scuffling in 1990. The starting staff in 1989 was stable – Maddux, Sutcliffe, Bielecki, Sanderson and Kilgus started all but 14 games, with Sanderson and Kilgus sitting out for either Steve Wilson or Jeff Pico. […]

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