Jeff McKnight – 1991 Score

January 6, 2011


I would like to temporarily distract you from looking at Mr. McKnight fly out to left, and direct you to Bo’s place!

Yes, it’s the often imitated, never duplicated “Baseball Cards Come To Life”.

Everyone in this here intarweb thing has their own spin on this hobby of ours, and well, Bo’s spin comes right from the cardboard’s mouth many times. That is, when he’s not obsession about someone’s false choppers.

Bo and I set out on a mega trade – since we’re both set building fools with some needs and duplicates that overlap. I received my box of booty today – and I’m frustrated because I’ve had his box sitting in my home office but real life has intervened and I still haven’t gotten it to the post office. And I didn’t today (I have a hot job prospect and also had to do the picking up and dropping off at school today) so Bo and everyone else will need to wait until tomorrow. But I have nine packages to send so Mr. Postmaster General should be pleased.

But now, the fun part begins – cross checking what I got from Bo then updating my want list on this here site and sending it out to you bums nice peeps. But I’m sorry to say that if you had about a dozen 1989 Donruss Andy Nezelek cards, or a cool six of 1988 Topps Wally Ritchie’s, I don’t need ’em anymore…thanks!

And now, back to Mr. McKnight.

Let’s see…

Did not hit for average.

Did not hit for power.

Did not have speed.

Did not play good defense.

Why was he in the majors? Why did the Mets and Baltimore play hot potato with him?

Now he did hit .307 at Tidewater in 1992. And I’ll have to admit, I’d need about 107 hits spotted to me before I could hit .307 in 406 ABs, but I still don’t get why all of a sudden he was the second coming of Hot Rod Kanehl in 1993.


Oh, yeah…the 1993 Mets played like Kanehl’s Mets. Even with two expansion teams, they wound up 59-103, five games worse than Florida and eight games behind the Rockies.






2 Responses to “Jeff McKnight – 1991 Score”

  1. I just want to know how Mr. McKnight managed to keep those huge glasses on when he ran the bases…

  2. Bo Rosny Says:

    Glad you enjoy them! And good luck on the job.

    I seem to remember McKnight actually being pretty highly touted when he came up with the Mets.

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