Steve Staggs – 1978 Topps

January 5, 2011

Why So Glum, Chum?

Dude, you are playing MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL! Sure, you’re not like Robby Alomar (congrats) and sure, most pitchers to you are like Bert Blyleven (congrats), and sure, you’re playing for the Blue Jays but you are 26 and IN THE BIG LEAGUES!

Would it hurt to smile?

Last year at this time you were in the midst of spending your second consecutive year in Omaha – knowing that Frank White, Cookie Rojas and Dave Nelson all were getting time at second. So when Toronto drafted you, that was a good thing!

Oh, and sure you may have been sore that you were farmed out while they fooled around with Pedro Garcia, Hector Torres and Dave McKay at second, but you got your chance on July 1 and started 71 games in a row. Yes I know it was more of a revolving door at short with Bailor, McKay, Torres and Nordbrook, but for 71 games in a row you were the glue, man.

Ault, Staggs, Nordbrook and Howell. Young players all – the future of the Blue Jays born in their first year?

Ok, maybe not…but still. Steve, you are a regular in the MAJOR LEAGUES!

So crack a smile…


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