Robbie Wine – 1988 Topps

January 1, 2011


It’s the new year (Happy 2011, everybody), and it’s the time for pensive reflection. Especially if you’re recovering after a night of debauchery. Go ahead, have a mimosa…

The Topps photographer caught Wine in a reflective mood. What could he be thinking?

A. The Astros used a #1 pick on me?

B. How can I be a worse hitter than my dad?

C. They gave me a card for playing in just 14 games?

D. Yeah, it’s real fun catching Scott’s scuffballs, Ryans heat, and Kerfeld’s jello.

D. Can I just flash forward 20 years from now where I’m comfortably in coaching at Penn State?

2 Responses to “Robbie Wine – 1988 Topps”

  1. unclemoe Says:

    Happy New Year!


  2. The Dimwit Says:

    Hey now, there’s no PROOF Scott scuffed those balls… and Kerfield’s jello was just NASTY!!!!!!!

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