Cecil Espy – 1989 Topps K-Mart Dream Team

December 30, 2010

Dream Team?

More like a nightmare!

Sure, 1988 was a weak year for rookies in the AL. Walt Weiss won with a OPS of .633. The best rookie performance was either Don “The Guns Of” August or Jody Reed. Bryan Harvey did some good work as the Angels’ closer.

But Espy?

He got a third place ROY vote. His OBP was under .300. His K/W ratio was 4/1.

He also played LF more often than not.

The Rangers were 12th in the AL in runs, mostly because they gave offensive sink holes like Espy plenty of at bats.

The “Dream Team” set highlighted 11 rookies from 1988 and 11 NL and AL rookies from the past decade.

For some reason, Topps didn’t put Harvey, August or Reed on the card. But they had Dave Gallagher, Espy and…

Paul Gibson.

Again, I ask…Dream Team?

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