Larry Walker – 1994 O-Pee-Chee All Stars

December 27, 2010

It’s Snowpocalypse! No, it’s Monday…

I know it’s tough on travel, but I can’t help to chortle at the massive panic out in the East. Our airport here in the Twin Cities was closed during our mid-December blizzard but it was only shut down for a brief amount of time.

The problem, of course, is the wind and the blowing snow. But why is it taking so freakin’ long for the NYC area airports to re-open? You would think the FAA and the airlines would have contingency plans if they’re shut down, especially if folks are just connecting there.

Anyway, as an operations guy, I marvel at the hub-and-spoke system and always think on how it could be improved. But really, it’s the cheapest way to get from “A” to “B”, even though it seems counter-intuitive to fly from Minneapolis to Atlanta to get to El Paso. But hey…

What does any of this have to do with Larry Walker? Well, he’s Canadian, eh? They know snow. He’s pictured as an Expo.

And he’s a Hall Of Famer.

“Oh, there’s the Coors Field Effect!” “Oh, there’s the steroid era!” “Oh, Oh! He had injuries.”

Yes, his time was shortened. And yes, Coors field helped inflate his counting stats. But OPS+ is normalized for park and era. And his career OPS+ is 140.

He was a plus (+96 fielding runs) fielder and had a fantastic arm.

Of course, he could have become a true household name had not the strike interrupted 1994.

There are others who should be in the HOF before Walker: Alomar, Raines, Blyleven, Santo, Whitaker, Larkin, and Trammell. And I hate that game of “if X is in then Y should be in” because it keeps lowering the lowest common denominator. Over time, that could potentially lead to “if Duane Kuiper is in the HOF, then Tom Veryzer should be as well.”

So I’ll just say Walker, some day, should be in the HOF. He’d be a better player than at least 1/3 of the current HOFers.

BTW, I got this card about 16 years too late to redeem whatever I was supposed to redeem on the back. C’est la vie and all that rot.


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