Manny Lee – 1994 Upper Deck

December 20, 2010

Yo Dawg…

…I heard you like phones so I put a phone in your phone so you can talk while you talk.

(Is the sign that a meme is officially over when wiseacre baseball card bloggers use it?)

Who is Manny Lee calling?

A. His agent – wondering how he can scam another team into signing him after his Texas contract is up? “I know I hit .220 with no power, walks or steals, but I look great in the uniform.”

B. The Franklin rep? “Dude, I’m wearing your shirt while some dude is taking my picture. It’ll be on a baseball card. Millions of kids will see it.”

C. Himself, in the year 2010. “Manny, I wanna warn ya. Your 1994 baseball card will have you talking on a cell phone that has an ANTENNA and is bigger than every phone you have now.”

D. His accountant? “Yeah, I got $1.9 million this season. What stocks should I buy? Put it all into GM, Worldcom and Enron.”

E. Two chicks?



One Response to “Manny Lee – 1994 Upper Deck”

  1. […] was ‘tabbed’ to be the starting SS, but Manny Lee beat him out in the Spring, mainly due to some yips in the field. Eddie went to AAA, and hit .263, […]

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