Mark Mulder – 2003 Donruss

December 18, 2010

That’s A Proper Throwback

Almost every team cranks out throwbacks once or twice a year. Most interesting are the throwbacks from the early, early days and the Negro Leagues. But even ‘recent’ throwbacks, like above, are cool when done with authenticity.

And as you can see, Mr. Mulder is being authentic with his hosiery. Normally, I believe he wears those infernal pajama pants.

When I was growing up, I wanted so much to get into the 11-12 year old league. We graduated from t-shirts and jeans to actual baseball uniforms, and the thing I wanted most were the stirrups and sanitaries. Stirrups meant you were a real baseball player, like the big leaguers.

I have no idea when the pajama pants took over. It seemed that all of a sudden players were afraid of showing some sock. I wasn’t a fan of the long baggy shorts (but could live without the Stockton-size shorts – there was a happy medium there) in hoops because I didn’t think basketball players should wear kulats. And I liked it when they pulled their socks up and showed some stripes. But the change in basketball shorts aren’t as offensive to me as the pajamas most players wear.

You see, kids, for years and years the stockings were the identifying mark of the uniform. Uniforms weren’t always uniform but the stockings were. Now, that’s lost.

So I’m for the stirrups and sanitaries as Mr. Mulder is rocking with the A’s, or the full color stocking showing that was popular in the Negro Leagues. Whatever…just get rid of the damn pajamas.


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