Pedro Martinez – 1994 O-Pee-Chee

December 16, 2010

Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man

I saw Pedro pitch in 2000 against Texas in Fenway Park. August 19, to be exact. My wife, some friends, and I got tickets in the right field bleachers, so we got to see him warm up.

The Rangers had no chance at all – none. Zero. Nada. Pedro was dealing that season. It was a 9-0 blowout as the BoSox feasted upon Matt Perisho and Darwin Cubillan. 89 pitches for Pedro – 66 strikes. He threw seven innings giving up just three hits and whiffing 10. When Bryce Florie came out in the 8th, I’d say 20,000 left the stands.

Texas really had no shot when you look at some of the guys in the lineup:

Scarborough Green led off. Ricky Ledee batted fifth and went 0-3 with three whiffs. Mike Lamb batted sixth. Pedro Valdes was the DH. BJ Waszgis was the catcher. You’re not going to beat Pedro when 5/9 of your lineup are those guys.

Some say his stuff was filthy, some say he was nasty. I think he was sinister.


Or I’m making stuff up to post this video of Bela Fleck and the Flecktones. Yes, that’s a banjo. And an electronic percussion gizmo.



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