Rich Gedman – 1991 Upper Deck

December 15, 2010

“I Must Look Like A Dork”

First off, much thanks to the fine folks that bring you Scott Crawford On Cards, Cardboard Collections and to Shane, a reader who is going to kick-start his blog soon. Trades made, trades accepted, more cards off my lists, all is well. I have a few more trades in the hopper then I’ll re-do my list again and re-start this whole trade cycle. I’ve dipped into the O-Pee-Chee 2009 ball game (but now can’t find any more 2009 blasters at Target, sigh…) and 2010 Bowman Draft Prospects (and those shiny ones will find a home soon) as well as other stuff.

Now onto the main event…

Catchers are supposed to be rough tough guys. When I said one looked like Popeye, that was a compliment, really.

This shot of Gedman is, well, um…not flattering at all.

But the worst is he looks like a geek that’s the third stringer for Cal Tech.

Gedman is one reason that catchers are not worked to death anymore when they’re young. He caught in 139 and 134 games in back to back years, then his body broke down. Catching is tough business, and you’re going to wear your body out.

Still, that’s no excuse for this pose, or the fact that Upper Deck used it.

As for the caption, it’s from “Political Song For Michael Jackson To Sing” by the late, great Minutemen.

So dig this big crux.


One Response to “Rich Gedman – 1991 Upper Deck”

  1. cardsplitter Says:

    Former Red Sox AND the Minutemen?

    My new favorite blog.

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